Top Ten Childrens Movies

My list of top ten Classic Children’s Movies:

Mulan: One of my absolute favorite children’s movies. The loyalty, love, respect and courage characterized in this movie are phenomenal. In addition to being funny, entertaining and exemplarily, the movie brings a sense of empowerment and encouragement for females. Mulan’s bond and respectfulness towards her father/family and friends is truly admirable! I thoroughly enjoy watching both Mulan and Mulan II.

The Sound of Music: A wonderful, entertaining movie with excellent and memorable music. As a child, I loved to watch the movie because the story was interesting and I truly loved the music.

Bambi: Bambi was very emotional and serious to me as a child. Even as I child, I admired the characters, the bonds they developed and the loyalty they shared towards each other. The movie is colorful, sweet and fun.

Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins is very entertaining. The music and story line is enjoyable and there are a lot of scenes that one, child or adult, can’t help but to smile about. The songs and scenes are pleasant and memorable.

Shrek: This movie was the first movie to take the princess fantasies to realistic, down to earth level where the princess wasn’t “perfect”. The movie was funny, entertaining and creative. The lesson I got from it was that I should be proud of myself and I should be “me”, not who everyone wants me to be. I really enjoyed this movie and think of it often in terms of the lessons I think it encompasses.

Beauty and the Beast: This is a beautiful, imaginative movie that brings regular household items to life and makes them fun and interesting! The music and scenes are memorable and wonderfully entertaining. The story of the Beast and Belle is romantic and there are many humorous scenes.

ET: In a family of four children, we all watched this movie over and over again. The movie was interesting. The Alien kept us interested; the story was funny and creative; the bonds developed between the children and ET were interesting and admirable. The movie was funny, sad, exciting… all anyone can ever expect from a children’s movie.

Mac & Me: This isn’t a movie I hear about often but loved as a child. This movie, like ET, was funny, sad, exciting, all in one. It was creative and really made an impression on me in terms of treating others fairly and respectfully despite of difference which are beyond anyone’s control. At the end of the movie, the Aliens, Mac and his family, are made US Civilians. It’s a great movie and every entertaining.

The King and I: The King and I was a movie that I enjoyed very much! The children were humorously mischievous and kept the movie interesting and exciting. The romance between the King and the nanny was sweet and the whole idea of a missing parent, etc. is and idea a lot of children can relate to. The changes in the father’s behavior throughout the movie made it emotional as well but the overall feeling of the movie was pleasant, sweet and happy! The music and scenes were wonderfully entertaining and enjoyable!

All Dogs Go To Heaven: This was a great movie that comes to mind often as I and other members of my family have lost our beloved and dear dogs/pets. This movie is funny and sweet. The music and scenes are entertaining and who doesn’t love DOGS!!? Well, anyone that doesn’t will once they see this movie!!