Summer Safety for Children Living in the Desert

As Summer quickly approaches, Summer safety for children is often brought into every day discussions. Common Summer safety topics include covering pools to reduce drowning risks and tips for avoiding heat exhaustion. But there are other dangers present to young children during the Summer months, especially when living desert areas. A few extra precautions need to be taken during the Summer months when living in these hot and dry environments.

Snake and Scorpions

As the weather heats up in the desert, snakes and scorpions come out from hiding and pose a danger to young children enjoying the Summer weather. Snakes and scorpions are common inhabitants of desert environments. They are especially dangerous for young children because they often hide in unsuspecting places and children are often easy targets.

A Summer safety tip for children who live in the desert includes protecting them from theses desert inhabitants. You must educate your children about the dangers snakes and scorpions posses. Make sure your children know to never play with them. If they see a snake or scorpion make go get an adult.

Before allowing your children to play outside, walk the perimeter of your yard and look for snakes and scorpions. If your yard contains children’s toys, move all the toys, look underneath them, in them, and on them to make sure there are no dangers lurking. Also check bushes, porches, and patios for signs of snakes and scorpions.

Flash Flooding

Flash flooding is also a common occurrence during the Summer months in the desert. Summer safety for children needs to include educating your child about flash flooding, especially in monsoon areas. Flash floods can occur quickly and without notice. It is very easy for children to be swept away in the fast moving flood waters.

When you live in the desert, it’s important to educate your children about flash floods. Make sure your kids know not to play outside during storms, even if it is raining lightly. Flash floods can occur very suddenly. Make sure your child knows if they see the waters of a flash flood to get to higher ground immediately. They need to know to never play in the water no matter how shallow or calm it may appear.

These are common tips for Summer safety for children that often go un-discussed. These dangers are present no matter where you live in the desert. Make sure your children know the consequence of these dangers and how to react appropriately when in the situation.