Outdoor Family Volunteer Opportunities in Denver

Love to garden and work on the yard? Got a big green thumb but living in a high rise? Looking for opportunities to volunteer as a family? Have you ever considered putting your talents to use in Denver parks? You can pick up trash, do landscaping, plant trees, remove invasive plants and weeds and much more. Here’s a few of the things my family is considering as summer volunteer opportunities this year.

Planting a row for the hungry. I went a little crazy growing tomato seedlings this year. We have a big family but 24 tomato plants might be a bit too much even for us. I have the space, so we’re just going to go ahead and grow them. The extra produce will make a wonderful donation to the plant a row for the hungry program. We also plan on growing other produce. My youngest granddaughter is nurturing her little seeds for the hungry too.

I found a wonderful website called Volunteer Outdoors. It’s specifically designed for people looking for this type of opportunity. Here you can find volunteer jobs working for Cherry Creek State Park, Plains Conservation Center, Aurora Parks open space and much more. Just type in your zip code to look for outdoor family volunteer work in your Denver neighborhood.

Clean-up and maintain the Sand Creek Greenway. According to their website, they are seeking both individuals and families who live along the Greenway for various projects. Volunteers are need on the first Saturday of each month. Projects include trash pick-up, graffiti removal, planting, invasive plant removal and trail repair.

Families can volunteer at Bluff Lake Nature Center. Bluff Lake is looking for weed warriors. That’s good because I happen to have some of those in my family. Goodness knows, they’ve had enough practice lately in our back yard. Work on special team projects at Bluff Lake or just spend the day as a human weed whacker. Don’t forget to bring your gloves!

Volunteer as a family in beautiful Roxborough Park. Roxborough Park is Denver’s answer to the the garden of the Gods. Towering red rocks and trails that highlight the wildlife of our region make this place a must see. It wouldn’t be possible, though, without the help of numerous volunteers. You can adopt a site, get involved with habitat restoration or even map weeds for removal.

Colorado State Parks need plenty of volunteers. Opportunities are endless and varied. Perfect for families are park maintenance and special projects. Large group projects are an opportunity to bond with your extended family. You’re tired of sack races and casseroles anyway, aren’t you? Why not have a working family reunion? Volunteering as a family outdoors is a great way to teach your children community values no matter which of these opportunities you choose.