Masterpiece Theatre’s Family Collection British Children’s Movies

Masterpiece Theatre’s Family Collection / 4 DVDs / Almost 7 hrs (415 min)

4 Wonderful movies for children.

Goodbye Mr. Chips- I am not fond of remakes. But I loved this one. I loved the original, but his Mr. Chips is so sweet and endearing, you can’t help but love him. Chips has a different way of dealing with the spoiled boys at the school, to the dismay of the school. His charming new wife is responsible for getting through to even the worse boys.

Pollyanna- This is another wonderful remake. I didn’t think I would like this one as much as the original either, but if you do not fall in love with this little girl, you haven’t got a soft spot in your body. Orphaned Pollyanna moves in with her cold & bitter aunt, who is just unhappy with life in general. Pollyanna goes around and brings joy to everyone she meets. Can she possibly turn her aunt around.

Carrie’s War-Carrie & her brother are sent to Wales to get away from the war in London. They are taken in by a sweet and loving woman and her hard and mean husband. They do everything to go by all the rules, but nothing seems like enough for her husband. He makes their life and his wife’s life miserable. Can they ever warm his heart before they have to go back to their mother in London?

The Railway Children-Three spoiled children’s find that their lives are turned upside down. One day, their father has gone away with no explanation. They then find themselves out of their fancy home, with servants and on a train. At their destination, they find a plain home, with no servants and very little money for food or coal, for heat. They spend their time at the train station and in the fields by the tracks, waving at the people going by. When the mother gets sick and they have no money for medicine, they find a friend with one of the passengers, who helps. Eventually, the oldest daughter finds out where her father went. Can she find help to get him back to his family?