How to Keep Your Adult Children from Moving Back

Thrilled my parents told me, thrilled. At least that made one of us, or so I thought.

After graduating from college I had two choices. Find a place without a job lined up and sign a lease when I only needed a temporary place to stay or talk to mom and dad. My parents claim none of the circumstances that kept me from moving in for months were intentional, but I have reason to believe otherwise.

If you have adult aged children who are asking about the possibility of moving back home and you are less than thrilled there are some things you can do to keep that from happening.

Start remodeling

Time to start those remodeling projects that you have been putting off for years. Sure you have more than enough room for them to stay, but first you need to remodel the room to make sure it is the best it can be for them. There are two ways to go about this project. Hire yourself a contractor who is a perfectionist and make sure you tell him he has all the time in the world to finish the project. If you have budget concerns or are a do-it-yourselfer, even better. Grab your favorite sledge hammer and have fun with the walls, don’t forget to pay special attention to the floors.

Both of these approaches work best when you run out of energy or money halfway through.

Introduce a Roommate

One of the hardest parts about moving back in with your parents is moving back in with your parents and everything that comes with them. So use this to discourage your children as much as possible, introduce them to their future roommate, their teenage sister. If they thought freshman year with an incompatible roommate was difficult they will die when they find out they have to room with a teenager. Suggest they begin their new life together by discussing closet space.

Hired Help

Already planning on hiring a maid, gourmet chef, or personal assistant? Perfect! The minute your children bring up the subject of wanting to move back in throw out the pile of applications and let them know they just solved your biggest problem. If the discussion is taking place in your home tell your son or daughter they can start their trial period immediately and hand them the grocery list.

Bond, Bond, Bond

Your adult children are used to their space and freedom by now, so greedily take it all away. Do whatever is in your power to spend all the time you possibly can with them. Does your daughter go to the gym every morning? Get a membership of your own. If your son plays video games to relax after work make sure you join him and insist he play 20 questions with you on the side.

Find out every interest, hobby, and activity your children take a part in and make it your newfound love. Make sure you are there for them all day long, all in the name of bonding of course.

There are several more aggressive ways to deter your children from moving back home but give these passive ideas a try before moving on. Who knows, you might just end up with a beautiful new sewing room or a newfound love for the playstation.