Helping Children Lead Productive Lives

When becoming freshly aquatinted with people, they naturally seek information about my occupation, and I proudly emphasize my role as an educator who works with children living in an urban environment. It becomes apparent through conversations with uninformed people that children from urban envionments are highly misunderstood.

We often times fail to give credit to the heroic efforts made by students struggling to jump the hurdles of adversity to lead productive lives. Fortunately, I serve in a school district, which is made up of educators who sincerely believe that their students possess special gifts, and we work diligently to help them realize their dreams.

Although its difficult to generalize the adverse forces children contend with, we can promote certain rules which facilitate success.

Leading a law-abiding lifestyle must be promoted on a daily basis. Such an obvious concept is often overlooked, yet it forms the basis of upright citizenry. Educators can achieve this noble cause by modeling peaceful conflict resolution, honestly, and compassion. Simply preaching a life of virtue will yield insignificant results, but providing an example will facilitate the desired outcome.

In addition, we must emphasize that the American dream of upward mobility is still alive, and can be achieved through education, either in the form of academic and/or vocational training. Its unfortunate that educators must contend with some negative public figures, who glamorize illicit methods of achieving financial rewards, however, we can still find plenty of examples of great people who utilized steadfast determination to achieve dreams.

Above all else, simple recognition can provide children with the greatest sense of self-worth. Praise for admirable actions have a positive effect on children. People naturally focus on behaviors that we wish to change, and fail to see the many positive acts, which take place on a daily basis. If the roles were reversed, and we could feel the hardships some of our children face, it would become clear that many of our students are heroes just for showing up to school everyday.