Family Lies and Deception

I have always felt that a family should love one another and care for each other. But when a family is separated by greed and dishonesty, it is so very sad.

When my mother-in-law passed away in December of 2004, we never dreamed of what the oldest brother of the family would do.

It all began when he was assigned to be Administrator of the Estate. He would go to their mother’s house and take any and everything he wanted and leave the junk for the rest of the siblings.

Well, if that was not bad enough, anything that was taken from the house had to be paid for. It was paid for out of money made by the sale of the house.

Now from here on out it gets even worse. You see, my brother-in-law stole over $50,000 from his brothers and sisters. His mother had some money in the bank, which the oldest brother said was his and only his since he was the beneficiary. He was also the beneficiary of the life insurance. Well, instead of using the life insurance policy money to pay for the funeral, he made the others pay for it. He paid nothing and kept the money from the policy.

Now when he had to hire a lawyer, guess who had to pay the lawyer’s fee…you got it, all the other siblings. He did not pay one penny of it. And get this, the others had to even pay for his parking when he went to see the lawyer. They had to pay for everything that was related to the lawyer. Now, does that sound very fair to you?

In the four years that have followed, the brothers and sisters have not spoken to each other at all. It is a very sad situation.

Get this though, the oldest brother is the one who has and already had the most of all of them. He has a good paying job and owns his own business also. He did not even need the money. He just wanted to take it to prove that he could and to swindle his siblings. Does that sound like much of a brother to you?

This is a very sad story, but it is ever so true. I just wanted people out there to know just how some families are. You may have been or even be now in the same situation. I sure hope not. It really hurts everyone involved except the one taking everything. However, they too will get their payback at one time or another. It may not actually be on this earth. But they will be standing in front of the True Judge one day. That is when the payment will be, literally, hell!


Personal experience and all truth (unfortunately)