Family Fun in Montreal, QC

If you and your children live or stay in Montreal, you may wonder if there are some ways to enjoy family fun in this romantic French-speaking city. The answer is ‘Yes’. You may read the following tips as to get some ideas:

1. Bring your family to visit the Old Port of Montreal.

In fact, the natural view of the Old Port is quite amazing. Besides, if you or your children are fan of cruise ship, you can always get your eyes satisfied here, since there are always several big luxury cruise ships parking there.

During summer, there are a lot of family activities to do. You can rent and drive a mechanical boat with your family, while enjoying the warm sunshine; you can rent a pedicab to drive your family around the port to enjoy the beautiful views from different perspectives; if you feel tired or thirsty, there are a lot of family-friendly cafeterias or restaurant nearby. In Old Port, you can easily enjoy a whole relaxing and fun day with your whole family.

2. You can bring your family to visit the parks during weekends.

In Montreal, the admission to most of parks is free. During weekends, you even don’t have to pay the parking in front of the park. You may bring the food and drinks you prepare at home to enjoy picnic time with your children on the lawn.

The natural environment in Montreal is quite amazing. In the park, you can leave your children play on the lawn under your supervision. Meanwhile, you can lie down on the lawn to relax, read your favourite book or listen to Ipod, while enjoying the warm sunshine and breathing the fresh outdoor air.

3. You can bring your family to watch movies in Dollarcinema.

In Dollarcinema, the admission to each movie costs only 1 dollar. Therefore, even you bring the whole family to enjoy a cinema evening together, it won’t cost you a lot. More amazingly, all the snack and drinks sold in Dollarcinema also cost only $1 each. It’s quite easy for you and your family to enjoy a great cinema evening with pork corns and drinks at a very low cost.

4. You can bring your family to swim.

There are a lot of outdoor and indoor public swimming pools available in Montreal. And they are totally free to public. Normally, they set a schedule for different specific groups, such as adult, family and old people. You can bring your children to swim during the family time. Your children can get to know new friends there and do some water activities with other children under your supervision. Meanwhile, you can also do some swimming for the benefits of your own health or make friends with the parents from other families.