Family Fun in Montreal, QC

If you and your children live or stay in Montreal, you may wonder if there are some ways to enjoy family fun in this romantic French-speaking city. The answer is ‘Yes’. You may read the following tips as to get some ideas:

1. Bring your family to visit the Old Port of Montreal.

In fact, the natural view of the Old Port is quite amazing. Besides, if you or your children are fan of cruise ship, you can always get your eyes satisfied here, since there are always several big luxury cruise ships parking there.

During summer, there are a lot of family activities to do. You can rent and drive a mechanical boat with your family, while enjoying the warm sunshine; you can rent a pedicab to drive your family around the port to enjoy the beautiful views from different perspectives; if you feel tired or thirsty, there are a lot of family-friendly cafeterias or restaurant nearby. In Old Port, you can easily enjoy a whole relaxing and fun day with your whole family.

2. You can bring your family to visit the parks during weekends.

In Montreal, the admission to most of parks is free. During weekends, you even don’t have to pay the parking in front of the park. You may bring the food and drinks you prepare at home to enjoy picnic time with your children on the lawn.

The natural environment in Montreal is quite amazing. In the park, you can leave your children play on the lawn under your supervision. Meanwhile, you can lie down on the lawn to relax, read your favourite book or listen to Ipod, while enjoying the warm sunshine and breathing the fresh outdoor air.

3. You can bring your family to watch movies in Dollarcinema.

In Dollarcinema, the admission to each movie costs only 1 dollar. Therefore, even you bring the whole family to enjoy a cinema evening together, it won’t cost you a lot. More amazingly, all the snack and drinks sold in Dollarcinema also cost only $1 each. It’s quite easy for you and your family to enjoy a great cinema evening with pork corns and drinks at a very low cost.

4. You can bring your family to swim.

There are a lot of outdoor and indoor public swimming pools available in Montreal. And they are totally free to public. Normally, they set a schedule for different specific groups, such as adult, family and old people. You can bring your children to swim during the family time. Your children can get to know new friends there and do some water activities with other children under your supervision. Meanwhile, you can also do some swimming for the benefits of your own health or make friends with the parents from other families.

Family and Friends at the Beach

The reporter asked, where is the crowd?
Interviewee: You ask as if they’re under a shroud
I say to you, some are not so near
You see, the weather it is clear
They’re at the beach, obligation-free, not proud.…

Outdoor Family Volunteer Opportunities in Denver

Love to garden and work on the yard? Got a big green thumb but living in a high rise? Looking for opportunities to volunteer as a family? Have you ever considered putting your talents to use in Denver parks? You can pick up trash, do landscaping, plant trees, remove invasive plants and weeds and much more. Here’s a few of the things my family is considering as summer volunteer opportunities this year.

Planting a row for the hungry. I went a little crazy growing tomato seedlings this year. We have a big family but 24 tomato plants might be a bit too much even for us. I have the space, so we’re just going to go ahead and grow them. The extra produce will make a wonderful donation to the plant a row for the hungry program. We also plan on growing other produce. My youngest granddaughter is nurturing her little seeds for the hungry too.

I found a wonderful website called Volunteer Outdoors. It’s specifically designed for people looking for this type of opportunity. Here you can find volunteer jobs working for Cherry Creek State Park, Plains Conservation Center, Aurora Parks open space and much more. Just type in your zip code to look for outdoor family volunteer work in your Denver neighborhood.

Clean-up and maintain the Sand Creek Greenway. According to their website, they are seeking both individuals and families who live along the Greenway for various projects. Volunteers are need on the first Saturday of each month. Projects include trash pick-up, graffiti removal, planting, invasive plant removal and trail repair.

Families can volunteer at Bluff Lake Nature Center. Bluff Lake is looking for weed warriors. That’s good because I happen to have some of those in my family. Goodness knows, they’ve had enough practice lately in our back yard. Work on special team projects at Bluff Lake or just spend the day as a human weed whacker. Don’t forget to bring your gloves!

Volunteer as a family in beautiful Roxborough Park. Roxborough Park is Denver’s answer to the the garden of the Gods. Towering red rocks and trails that highlight the wildlife of our region make this place a must see. It wouldn’t be possible, though, without the help of numerous volunteers. You can adopt a site, get involved with habitat restoration or even map weeds for removal.

Colorado State Parks need plenty of volunteers. Opportunities are endless and varied. Perfect for families are park maintenance and special projects. Large group projects are an opportunity to bond with your extended family. You’re tired of sack races and casseroles anyway, aren’t you? Why not have a working family reunion? Volunteering as a family outdoors is a great way to teach your children community values no matter which of these opportunities you choose.

Family Lies and Deception

I have always felt that a family should love one another and care for each other. But when a family is separated by greed and dishonesty, it is so very sad.

When my mother-in-law passed away in December of 2004, we never dreamed of what the oldest brother of the family would do.

It all began when he was assigned to be Administrator of the Estate. He would go to their mother’s house and take any and everything he wanted and leave the junk for the rest of the siblings.

Well, if that was not bad enough, anything that was taken from the house had to be paid for. It was paid for out of money made by the sale of the house.

Now from here on out it gets even worse. You see, my brother-in-law stole over $50,000 from his brothers and sisters. His mother had some money in the bank, which the oldest brother said was his and only his since he was the beneficiary. He was also the beneficiary of the life insurance. Well, instead of using the life insurance policy money to pay for the funeral, he made the others pay for it. He paid nothing and kept the money from the policy.

Now when he had to hire a lawyer, guess who had to pay the lawyer’s fee…you got it, all the other siblings. He did not pay one penny of it. And get this, the others had to even pay for his parking when he went to see the lawyer. They had to pay for everything that was related to the lawyer. Now, does that sound very fair to you?

In the four years that have followed, the brothers and sisters have not spoken to each other at all. It is a very sad situation.

Get this though, the oldest brother is the one who has and already had the most of all of them. He has a good paying job and owns his own business also. He did not even need the money. He just wanted to take it to prove that he could and to swindle his siblings. Does that sound like much of a brother to you?

This is a very sad story, but it is ever so true. I just wanted people out there to know just how some families are. You may have been or even be now in the same situation. I sure hope not. It really hurts everyone involved except the one taking everything. However, they too will get their payback at one time or another. It may not actually be on this earth. But they will be standing in front of the True Judge one day. That is when the payment will be, literally, hell!


Personal experience and all truth (unfortunately)

Masterpiece Theatre’s Family Collection British Children’s Movies

Masterpiece Theatre’s Family Collection / 4 DVDs / Almost 7 hrs (415 min)

4 Wonderful movies for children.

Goodbye Mr. Chips- I am not fond of remakes. But I loved this one. I loved the original, but his Mr. Chips is so sweet and endearing, you can’t help but love him. Chips has a different way of dealing with the spoiled boys at the school, to the dismay of the school. His charming new wife is responsible for getting through to even the worse boys.

Pollyanna- This is another wonderful remake. I didn’t think I would like this one as much as the original either, but if you do not fall in love with this little girl, you haven’t got a soft spot in your body. Orphaned Pollyanna moves in with her cold & bitter aunt, who is just unhappy with life in general. Pollyanna goes around and brings joy to everyone she meets. Can she possibly turn her aunt around.

Carrie’s War-Carrie & her brother are sent to Wales to get away from the war in London. They are taken in by a sweet and loving woman and her hard and mean husband. They do everything to go by all the rules, but nothing seems like enough for her husband. He makes their life and his wife’s life miserable. Can they ever warm his heart before they have to go back to their mother in London?

The Railway Children-Three spoiled children’s find that their lives are turned upside down. One day, their father has gone away with no explanation. They then find themselves out of their fancy home, with servants and on a train. At their destination, they find a plain home, with no servants and very little money for food or coal, for heat. They spend their time at the train station and in the fields by the tracks, waving at the people going by. When the mother gets sick and they have no money for medicine, they find a friend with one of the passengers, who helps. Eventually, the oldest daughter finds out where her father went. Can she find help to get him back to his family?

Fall Back to Family Traditions: 10 Outdoor Activities I Passed on to My Tween

When I was a kid, things were different than they are today. There were no Facebook updates or angry birds to smash into egg-stealing pigs. I played outside until I could barely see my hand in front of my face and life was simple. I always loved the fall months. The summer heat was fading away and outdoor fun consisted of worms, mud pies and rainbows. I warned my husband before we started a family that I would never grow up and I kept my promise. Every fall, my senses brighten and I get antsy like a child on Christmas Eve just waiting for the chance to spend time outside with my tweens.

Take your kids out at night. When I was a child, my parents sold fishing bait from our front porch. During fall months when the rain would pour from the sky, we would run outside with flashlights to catch worms.

Give kids a lesson in gardening. In late August or early September the potato plants die off. This is the time for the potato harvest. Every year I take my kids back home to pick potatoes from mounds of dirt.

Preserve the fruits of summer. With a knife in one hand and a cutting board in another, my dad would take me outside every fall to pick tomatoes for canning. We spent hours picking, cleaning, blanching, peeling, cutting and canning the fruits of summer.

Prepare for a greener summer lawn. Strap on aerating spikes and march around the lawn. There’s nothing more fun than stomping grass with spikes on your feet and it helps grass grow greener next year.

Jump through a few rainbows. Kids young and old love rainbows, so every fall when the weather was still warm enough to wear a bathing suit, I would hold the hose in the air to create a rainbow while my friends took turns jumping to touch the colors in the sky.

Collect hop sticks. I never owned a piece of sidewalk chalk as a kid, so I used sticks to play hopscotch. Gather straight sticks from around the yard and create a hopscotch board.

Cook a feast with nature. I vividly remember the Formosa tree in our front yard. Just before the leaves would fall, I would collect Formosa leaves, flowers, weeds and other plants to “cook” nature’s feast.

Make a little mud mess. When the fall rains start, so do the mud pie fights. Things may get a little dirty, but that’s the fun of throwing mud pies.

Get clean like birds do. After throwing mud pies for hours, I always jumped in every puddle I could find to clean off my shoes. At least that’s what I told my parents.

Hunting for mushrooms. Mountain mushrooms, or morel mushrooms as five-star chefs call them, only grow in the fall. As soon as the leaves started floating to the ground, my dad would take me out into the woods to hunt for a few delicious pieces of fungus.

Outdoor fall activities include more than raking leaves and jumping into the huge, crunchy pile. As a kid, I lived for the fall months when tomato plants bloomed, potatoes hills were plowed and mountain mushrooms sprouted from beneath the earth. I’m lucky my children live for the same outdoor fun.