Although Termites Start Life Outdoors, They Might Find Their Way Indoors

Phoenix termites live, nest and breed in areas suitable for providing them with food, shelter and water. They tend to eat a number of different foods, which for them includes leaf litter, soil, dung and wood. They can also make a tidy meal out of paper, fabric and carpets if left to their own devices. These pests live in large colonies, and the workers of the colony have the job, among other activities, of going out to look for food.

This is when the insects travel, and in their travels may come in contact with your Phoenix residence. If this is the case, and you are noticing Phoenix termites in your home or garage or infesting areas outside your home, you will want to call on Phoenix pest and termite control specialist, who will offer advice on the best methods for termite control in Phoenix, and then will begin treatments to control these pesky intruders.

The first step Phoenix pest and termite exterminators will take is to come to your home and perform a thorough inspection of your house, garage and outdoor areas. They are looking for termites and in particular the colony’s nest. The Phoenix termite likes to build a nest in areas such as the interior of dead trees, inside the bark of living trees, in large pieces of wood or underground. Once your termite control provider has located the nest, then he or she can take steps to reduce the colony.

Typically initial Phoenix pest and termite treatments will include a complete flushing out of the pests from your home and garage. This is usually the best method of termite control in Phoenix residences, because it lowers the overall Phoenix termite numbers fairly quickly. Bait is often used that is laced with an insect toxin, and this food is taken back to the nest where it is consumed and the insects then begin to die. After this, regular maintenance is required to keep Phoenix termite populations at bay.

Termite control in Phoenix utilizes maintenance follow-up visits by Phoenix pest and termite exterminators to your home. Inspections of the home and garage will be part of the routine used. Barriers will be erected by Phoenix pest and termite specialists around the perimeter of the house and garage in order to stop termites from entering inside. Trained Phoenix pest and termite exterminators will offer you the best advice for reducing termite numbers in and around your home.