Mystery Critter #87


It’s ba-ack! That’s right folks, your old friend the Mystery Critter is back and ready to stump you. :-)

So put on your thinking caps and let’s see if you can crack the case. And remember — no cheating! ;-)


  • I am considered to be quite beautiful
  • Sadly, I am on the Endangered Species List
  • I feed solely on one plant
  • I am found in approximately six (6) US states, including Indiana
  • You may not see me where you live, but you can see plenty of my cousins

What am I?

Make your guess, and then go here for the answer and more interesting facts. Did you get it right?! If not, no worries — you’ll have another chance soon!

Favor:  Don’t share the answers in the comments below or out there in the social mediasphere — we want to keep the game fun for all.

Now, you probably won’t get a chance to see this Mystery Critter this weekend, but rest assured, there is plenty to be seen. Just step outside with open eyes and a quest for adventure. Grab the kids, and see what you can find.

And let folks know about it! Join the Wildobs community, and report your wildlife observations.

Fun Fact: Today (May 19th) is National Kids to Parks Day! I hope you will all celebrate with the ones you love.

Until next time, my nature detectives! Don’t forget to #playoutdoors.

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru


photo by: Andy Hay

It’s kind of this simple…

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

Nature Play in the Schoolyard

I have been a proponent of nature play in and out of school time for twenty years.

But you all know this. I write about the benefits of nature, unstructured play, and reasonable risk for optimal child development all the time. In fact, it’s what The Grass Stain Guru blog is all about.

I stumbled on this lovely and powerful video that explores nature play in three schools in Scotland. It bares mentioning that the narrator states how the UK is far behind European schools embracing nature play. And let it said, the USA is far behind the UK in embracing nature play and reasonable risk for children.

Well, it’s time to play catch up!

Please watch this video for inspiration and ideas to bring nature to your school or center grounds.


See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

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photo by: reggestraat