Bethe Almeras is The Grass Stain Guru

So, who is The Grass Stain Guru?! In a nutshell: If I haven’t laughed to the verge of incontinence, then it hasn’t been a good day. I believe in singing in the car, being kind to waitstaff, furry things, and that no amount of stuff will ever make you happy.

I also believe that childhood was meant to be messy. Muddy. Slimy. Silly. And most of all, joyful. Steeped in awe and wonder, childhood should be spent outdoors as much as possible, and should rely on imagination and whimsy as much as it does on rules and regulations.

I have been connecting people with nature and a purveyor of play and wonder for 20 years. From camp counselor, to recreation therapist, to educator, writer, and blogger. I have seen the power of play, love, and laughter flourish in gardens, backyard forts, and hiking trails like it is possible nowhere else. I firmly believe that nature is the best therapist and teacher any of us will ever have, and that the magic of childhood should be rooted there, and the peace of adulthood is waiting there. It’s not only in nature, but the connections we make with ourselves, and each other, when we slow down long enough to notice the beauty around us and simply play.

Bethe Almeras, The Grass Stain Guru, is an award-winning author, web producer, and eLearning designer. Bethe is the Senior Program Manager for the National Education Association Health information Network and is the former Director  for Head Start Body Start National Center for Physical Development and Outdoor Play. Co-founder of the National Wildlife Federation’s Green Hour®, she has been connecting people with play and nature for many years. A gifted speaker and trainer, Bethe also specializes in inclusive education and accessibility issues for individuals with disabilities.

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