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5 Fun Things To Do With Kids This Weekend

Some of you will be wrapping up Spring Break/Easter Holidays this weekend, while others are just getting started. Either way, these activities will get you and your kiddos moving and enjoying the great outdoors.

5 Fun Things To Do With Kids This Weekend:

  1. Set up a Bunny-Tastic Obstacle Course! Using hula hoops, cardboard boxes, 2 liter bottles, or whatever else you have around the house or garage, set up an obstacle course in your yard or nearby park/green space. Older children will delight in designing the course(s) themselves. Instead of running through the course, everyone has to “hop like a bunny” – which is actually jumping, because it involves both feet, not just one. But somehow saying,  jumping like a bunny just doesn’t sound right.
  2. Go fly a kite! Head to your favorite park or green space and take your kite for a spin. No kite? No problem! Why not try making one with your kids? Younger children can make a simple kite out of a paper plate that they decorate. While it may not get very far off the ground, they will delight in “flying” (or dragging!) it around the yard, park, or neighborhood.
  3. Go on a nature hike, looking for animals, insects, birds, and spring flowers! Each time you see a new animal, have the children move like that animal. Find a flowerHow many petals does it have? Have the children jump the number of petals the flower has.
  4. Build a fort with sticks and logs. Use and old sheet or tarp to help block some of the wind and keep dry and cozy in the spring drizzle. Help the kids pack a healthy snack to enjoy in their fort.
  5. Is it raining outside? Why not go puddle jumping, make mud pies, or play catch the rain drops? Give each child a small container (an empty yogurt cup or margarine container will do) and run around the yard, neighborhood, or favorite play space and see how long it takes to fill up the containers. Change the ways you move (try skipping or walking backwards) to extend the play. When your containers are full, you can take them inside and make rain paintings using the water you collected with watercolor paints or to mix tempera paints.

Need help finding a park near you? Visit my friends at NatureFind. Enter your zip code to find parks, trails, gardens, and outdoor events near you.

Want to know what wildlife to look for nearby? eNature has great online field guides that are searchable by zip code.

No matter what you do this weekend, unplug and go play outside! It’s good for the body, mind, and spirit.


Happy Easter and see ya outside!  

~ The Grass Stain Guru 


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