Mystery Critter #86

Spring has sprung a bit early here in the US, which makes it even more of a treat to head outdoors this weekend. Mother Nature has started her annual show of buds and blooms and shades of greens that feed our souls.

So my favorite nature detectives, let’s get to it. Let’s play Mystery Critter!

Put on those thinking caps, and remember, no peeking! ;-)

TGSG Note: Please don’t post your brilliant guess in the comments or on Twitter. We don’t want to ruin the surprise for the other detectives. Make sure to check the link to see if you got it right!


  • I am quite common throughout North America
  • Unlike many species, both males and females pitch-in with “child care”
  • I munch on everything from rabbits to lizards (yum!)
  • Open fields are my habitat
  • You’ve probably seen me when you are out for a drive

So, what am I?! 

Make your guess then go here for the answer and more interesting facts.

Did you get it right? 

If not, no worries. You will have another chance soon!

Remember, when looking for wildlife, keep your eyes and ears open! Look high and low, and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Exploring the natural world with children is a special treat. Get lost in the wonder and awe that only Mother Nature can provide.

What critters can you spot in your neck of the woods? Be sure to tell us!

And don’t forget,  join the Wildobs community and share your wild adventures with the world.

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

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photo by: geminder