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Win Prizes in The Christmas Box Challenge!

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ~ George Bernard Shaw


Challenge Update:  I am excited to tell you all that the #XmasBoxChallenge now has prizes thanks to the nice folks at OgoSport! See below for details! Have a creative and happy holiday, all! ~ Bethe 


I have a challenge for you all. 

After the paper is all torn and the bows are tossed aside. After the stockings are empty, their booty blundered by skilled hands, no matter how small. After the buzz of Christmas fades into night and the hangover from all of the holiday excess kicks in (for kids and adults alike!), I want you to step back and get back to basics.

Here’s my idea…

Take the Christmas Box Challenge!

1. Gather all the cardboard boxes leftover from the holiday bonanza. Big, small — whatever you have.

2. For younger children, they should need no encouragement — just let them at the boxes and see what they get up to. Push them, build forts, create puppet theaters and everything in between.

3. Get tweens, teens and the adults in on the fun too! Make it a bit of a contest. Set a 60 minute time limit see who comes up with the most outstanding cardboard box creation!  Set up as many categories as you like — most useful, funniest, etc.

4. Share your Christmas cardboard box creations with me — and Twitter! Use the hashtag #XmasBoxChallenge — and post pictures if you can! If you have a blog, I would love for you to challenge your readers to join us and post about your family’s Christmas Box Challenge.


  • 1st prize: $100 + an OgoBild POD set + 1 Mezo Disk Set
  •  2nd prize: $50 + An OgoBild POD set
  • 3rd Prize: An OgoBild POD set


To be considered for the prizes, all entries must be posted by January 2nd. 2012.

How to enter: 

There are three ways you can enter The Christmas Box Challenge and enter to win great prizes!

1. Tweet pictures of your creations with the hash tag #XmasBoxChallenge

2. Post pictures of your creations to OgoSport’s Facebook page and tag them #XmasBoxChallenge.

3. Blog about how your family took the challenge! Post a comment with a link to this post and/or post a link to your blog post to OgoSport’s Facebook page and tag them #XmasBoxChallenge.

Let’s see how much play, creativity and fun we can pack into this holiday season.

Want to see just how fun a box can be? Check out Simon’s Cat. And trust me, us humans find them just as entertaining when we give ourselves permission to PLAY like we mean it.

Look, even advertisers get the magic of a cardboard box!


I would love to see this idea really take off, and even become a holiday tradition. Help me spread the idea and don’t forget to use the #XmasBoxChallenge hash tag.

Happy holidays, my friends. You mean the world to me. xoxo

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

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