A Mighty Wind: 5 Indoor Play Ideas to Keep Kids Happy in Bad Weather


Many of us on the east coast are prepping for a hurricane — power outages and lots of indoor time. I say, along with the batteries, bottled water and canned food, be sure that your emergency preparedness kit includes some fun.

Make sure to add cards and games — whether you have children or not. Play helps reduce stress and games that require a bit of strategy and concentration can help you focus on something other than whats going on outside.  I personally find coloring very relaxing, so crayons and paper or a gorgeous coloring book always make me happy.

Here are 5 ideas for indoor play this weekend and beyond:

  1. Pitch a tent — inside! Let the kids pretend they are camping, complete with sleeping bags and granola. Having a place to zip out the world and pretend will be a welcome escape and invitation for fun. No tent? No problem! Let them make a tent or fort out of sheets, tarps or tablecloths.
  2. Have a story circle. Read a favorite story aloud and then as a family, make up the next chapter of the story. Vary this based on the ages of the child as needed. You can have one person in the circle start a story and then pass it on to the next person to chime in or simply have people shout out story elements (like an improv show) to the story teller. 
  3. Kick it old school with cards and board games. Dust off family faves like Uno or Manopoly or take the time to teach the kids games you loved as a child. Focus on fun, not competition.
  4. Have a sing along. No, i’m not kidding. Pretend you’re sitting around a camp fire or are on a road trip and sing together. Have an acoustic guitar — even better! Music has amazing powers to help us relax and is a great escape.
  5. Make a mural. In the basement? Why not add some color and beauty to a drab wall? if not, butcher paper, printer paper — whatever you have on hand can be used to make a family masterpiece together. It will also be a great reminder of how you are all able to pitch together and weather any storm.
Of course, you don’t need a storm or bad weather to do these activities. Get the kids and family unplugged, and all you need is a bit of time!
Stay safe this weekend, my friends. The Guru has her water , cards and crayons all ready. I’ll be thinking of you.

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: rickprokosch






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