Sighted: Kids That Really KNOW How to Play!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I have been a bit discouraged lately. I have met so many children in the last couple of years who have no idea to play — or at least no interest.

I’m not gonna lie, it breaks my heart.

Whining about being bored. Showing no interest in non-electronic play. Melting down if they are told they cannot watch TV, surf the web or play video games. Children in national parks who never look up from their hand-held devices. Sadly, I could go on. But I won’t — you get the picture.

My little grass-stained heart needed a lift. And lucky for me, I got one.

I was lucky enough to spend a week in the English countryside with four amazing children ages 8 and 10 who really knew how to play. KNEW. And not only did they know how, they initiated it.

No really. And I have the proof. Check it out!

Wands were whittled and spells were cast.


Rocks were tattooed, then hidden around the garden for the best rock hunt ever.

Soap was made and Crazy 8s were played.

Masterpieces were drawn and secrets were shared.

Nature was explored and cherished.

HOURS were spent in the tent engaged in flights of fancy. And sometimes even sleep.


Running, jumping, chasing, laughing…This yard was the scene of activity from morning until night.

The swam until they were pruney. The played games with no names. They went for nature walks. Point is, they played. Real, honest to goodness play. And related to each other.

No batteries required.

Thanks to these wonderful, spunky, funny and slightly kooky kids — and to the parents who are raising them with screen time limits and unscheduled time to just play and be kids.

You all did my little grass stained heart good.

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru


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