Attention Humans: Summer is Almost Over…GO PLAY!

198/365: Refrescante
TGSG Note: I reminded you last year, and I promise to do it again in 2012. It’s that important.

The stark realization has hit: It’s almost the middle of August. And the incredible summer days and nights we dream of most of the year are quickly passing us by.

GASP. I know.

Even if you LOVE fall, you can’t wish summer away. It takes so long to get here!

So consider this a little Public Service Announcement from your friendly neighborhood Grass Stain Guru…


Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. No more excuses.

Get out there and…

  1. Catch fireflies
  2. Run through the sprinkler or have a wet sponge fight
  3. Roast the perfect marshmallow or challenge yourself to come up with a gourmet s’more recipe
  4. Head to a nearby fishing hole.  Take a child who has never had the opportunity and watch their eyes light up.
  5. Try geocaching
  6. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  7. Camp. Backyard, tree house or nearby county or state park — it doesn’t matter as long as you sleep outside
  8. Eat a popsicle under a shade tree and play The Cloud Game
  9. Find a nearby trail and hike when the sun is not too high — early in the morning or at dusk
  10. _________________ (Use your imagination and share in the comments section! What’s your #10?) :-)

When September comes and the kids head back to school and the summer light starts to fade, you will have such fond memories of time spent in the pursuit of play — and making the most of this gorgeous planet that we call home.

Trust me — this fact will make you happy. The end.

Don’t miss out. Mother Nature has something great waiting for you…

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: anieto2k

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