Mystery Critter #57


Greetings Nature Detectives! Sorry it’s been awhile since the Mystery Critter has made an appearance. The Grass Stain Guru has been out on the road — spreading the word on the importance of play and connecting with nature.

So put on your thinking caps and let’s get to it! And remember — no cheating. ;-)


  • I am easy to confuse with similar species
  • I feast on birds and small mammals
  • I make my home in deciduous forests
  • I am a great hunter
  • I have a loud “voice”

So, what am I?

Make your guess then go to eNature for the answer and more interesting facts.

Did you get it right?

If not, no worries. You will have another chance next week!

Remember, keep your ears open for this Mystery Critter (and many others!)

What critters can you spot in your neck of the woods this weekend? Be sure to tell us!

And don’t forget! Join the Wildobs community and share your wild adventures with the world.

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru
Creative Commons License photo credit: TheNickster

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