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Dream a Little Dream…

It’s the dreaming season, the season to imagine a spring, summer and fall full of nature, gardening, exploring, playing outdoors, and getting grass stains.
For nature’s critters winter is a time for survival, but for us it’s the season of imagination, hope, creativity, and planning. A time to regroup, clear away the old, and bring in the new; a time to gain new knowledge to take out into the woods, fields, and open spaces of our gardens, neighborhoods, and communities.
So, what are you learning and planning? How about:
  • designing a garden bed of herbs and edible flowers
  • learning about vegetable gardening and ordering seeds
  • choosing a few native shrubs to attract and feed wild birds in your garden
  • picking a composting method to use when spring comes
  • finding an outdoor-friendly preschool or summer camp for your children
  • planning an outdoor nature group for kids
  • researching a camping trip for your family vacation
The dreaming season is a wonderful time. It doesn’t matter what you are planning, just be sure to get dreaming about what you’ll do outdoors. Make a plan to do it!

Guest Blogger Bio: Alison Kerr is a writer who is passionate about the Earth, nature, gardening, good food, and her family. You can read Alison’s alison-kerr-smallwork on Loving Nature’s Garden and follow her on Twitter @AlisonKerr.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ms.Tea

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