Mystery Critter #34

I see you!

TGSG Note: I am tickled to have my friend, writer and nature nut, Karen Wilde host this week’s Mystery Critter for you! She’s put together a great case for you to crack. See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

As Autumn turns to Winter our Mystery Critter takes a chilling turn. So, put on your thinking caps and crack the case.


  • I like snow and ice, a lot
  • My babies are born in Winter
  • I’m a great swimmer and can hold my breath for about two minutes
  • You won’t see me coming down the street, unless you live in Alaska!
  • If you do…run! I’ll try to eat almost anything

What am I? Make your guess then go to eNature for the answer and more interesting facts. Did you get it right?

You may not have seen one close up (a good thing really) and the babies are very cute and cuddly. But when they get to Mummy and Daddy size – you better watch out! Be fascinated, but stay a respectful distance or you might end up as lunch!

So, what did you spot today? Join the Wildobs community and share your wild adventures with the world.

Karen Wilde

Guest blogger bio: Karen Wilde is passionate about re-connecting to nature and living a wild life outdoors. She writes for the Natural Pathways blog and can often be found under a debris shelter in the Kent woodland. She also freelances and edits the Green Pepper website.

Creative Commons License photo credit: miles_lane

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