Dear Santa: A Letter from The Grass Stain Guru

Ready for baking

Dear Santa:

In light of the economy and the present climate situation, I am keeping my list rather short this year. (Um, that is, unless the  Sir Ken Robinson action figure I have been dreaming about has finally become a reality. If so, please put that near at the top of my list. If you think about it, 11 really is a reasonable number.)

I promise I have been a good fairly well-behaved girl this year. Surely you cannot will not hold a little road rage spirited comment action in the direction of morons on the road other drivers against a nice girl like me.

Anyway, so back to my list — there’s one more thing: I would like to share these gifts with all my readers and all the kids in the world, too. (Well, except the Sir Ken Robinson action figure, should it become available. I suspect that might cause some head-scratching and quizzical looks across the globe.)

Hope this is  not too much to ask, but I think you will agree — they are all really MUST haves. (And BIG thanks for the extra space in the sleigh this year!)

All I want for Christmas is:

  1. The perfect stick for roasting marshmallows
  2. A rainbow in the sky over a glorious rain puddle
  3. Cool moss under my feet
  4. Sand between my toes
  5. The perfect red maple leaf to press in a book
  6. Berries, ripe for the picking
  7. Good kite-flying weather this spring
  8. Lots of earthworms in the garden soil
  9. A jar with holes punched in the lid for catching (and releasing) critters
  10. A shiny new nature journal

xoxo – The Grass Stain Guru

PS: Love to Mrs. Claus and the reindeer. (Especially Vixen, who let’s face it, gets a bit of a bad wrap.)

PPS: The home-baked cookie should not be seen as a bribe. But, did you notice I carefully cut out heart shapes? Just sayin’.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ?ellie?

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