Frolic Friday: Cold & Snow Edition


TGSG Note: I’ve had a busy few weeks on the road for my day job, so tickled to have good friends to pitch in! Thanks to the lovely Karen Wilde for giving us these great Frolic Friday ideas. See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

It’s December – nearly time for snow and I bet some of you are already blanketed in the white stuff.

Snow days are perfect days for getting some play outdoors action. Who can forget that first flake drifting from a grey sky? It seems almost everyone, especially children, LOVE SNOW!

Ideas for Snow Days:

Wrap up warm – Thick socks, no jeans, warm hats and big jackets are de rigour for snow days, keeping you toasty to enjoy all the fun.

Grab a sled – or a swimming tube or even a tin tray and get out to the nearest hill. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of whizzing down a hill before plowing into a bank of the white stuff.

Build a Snow Fort – If the snow is REALLY deep you can pack it down with your feet and cut it out to make blocks. Snow forts are perfect for hiding behind when you…

SNOWBALLS!! – Run, quick, it’s flying through the air, get behind the snow fort!

Build a Snowman – old scarves, buttons, carrots and floppy hats. How tall can you make your Snowman?

Unplug, get outside and have some FUN. Some people never see snow. If you’re lucky enough to get some this Winter, make the most of it and go play outdoors! You can always warm up with hot cocoa afterwards.

Karen WildeGuest blogger bio: Karen Wilde is passionate about re-connecting to nature and living a wild life outdoors. She writes for the Natural Pathways blog and can often be found under a debris shelter in the Kent woodland. She also freelances and edits the Green Pepper website.

Creative Commons License photo credit: nightthree

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