Frolic Friday: Forecast for FUN!


You did it – made it to the weekend. Congratulations, and Happy Frolic Friday! Time to “let your hair down” and go #playoutdoors!

Why not…

  • Get a good long walk or bike ride in. Watch and listen for wildlife native to your area.
  • Make a thermos of hot cocoa or hot cider and go stargazing in the backyard or in a favorite outdoor spot. (@rshreeves just reviewed Taza organic Mexican chocolate at Mother Nature Network. Yum!)
  • Check out a local nature center for programming — they offer nature crafts, night hikes, animal lectures and more.

As always, it doesn’t matter what you do — just unplug, and get out there and have some fun. Time in nature is a great way to reconnect with yourself and your family and friends.

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: nightthree

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