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Frolic Friday: Seasonal Change Edition

down by the creek

Yesterday at the grocery store, I saw my first pumpkin of the season. It’s official — fall is nipping at summer’s sluggish heels. Depending on where you live, this change is more or less obvious. It’s easy to forget that people in other part’s of the country or world are steeped in a different weather reality than you are. Where I live, it is still quite green, but the light has changed, the temperatures are cooler, and even the fall scents are starting to fill the air.

On this Frolic Friday, why not make plans to head outside and notice the subtle changes of the season? It may even be time to start some of your fall rituals, whatever those might be.

Why not…

  • Go to a favorite park or hit the trail and take a hike. Look for leaves changing colors, acorns on the ground, and other telltale signs. Take pictures or make note in your nature journal, documenting this magic transformation.
  • Look for Pick-Your-Own orchards and go apple picking. If apples aren’t quite in season where you are, something else will be! Test out some great new recipes or teach the kids how to make some old family favorites. Find a Pick-Your-Own farm here.
  • Start planning your Halloween Costume! Seriously — talk about a day dedicated to play. Challenge family and friends to make green,  recycled costumes this year. Check out some great ideas here.

As always, it doesn’t matter what you do, just get outside and have some fun. Go see what Mother Nature is up to. Walk, run, hike, or stroll. Notice how calm you feel the further you get from your To Do List and electrical outlets. Don’t worry — you can always go back to them.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some old family recipes to dig up. My mama did make some fierce apple butter.

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: bertdennisonphotography

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