A Very Good Week for Play!


I am interrupting our regularly scheduled Frolic Friday post to reflect on what a good week it has been for play. Of course, this does not excuse you from getting outside and playing this long holiday weekend! But with all of the trips to the beach and cookouts planned as part of the holiday tradition, I figured you all are covered.

As an advocate, it’s exciting to see the issue you care about start popping up in mainstream news sources. While this has been happening with play here and there, this week, there seemed to be a flurry of pieces popping up. As children are starting back to school, I am encouraged to see the need for play making headlines.

Talking Play…

That should be plenty to keep you busy! To learn more about some of the research behind play, check out the resource list at the end of this post.

Have a safe, fun-filled holiday weekend, folks! Get outside and play. It’s really good for you — or haven’t your heard?! ;-)

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nicholas Hall

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