The Poetry of Nature

Gooderstone Water Gardens 12 July 2009

In Wednesday’s post, we talked about how today’s kids spend so much time engaged in plugged-in play — lots of time spent watching TV, surfing the web, and playing video games. A Shel Silverstein poem, Jimmy Jet And His TV Set, inspired TGSG readers to write their own Shel-style poem. Well, needless to say, I was tickled by the sense of whimsy and fun my friends brought to the site, and I am so excited to share it here with you.

Special thanks to the lovely Kelly @klsnature for kicking it off, and to Elizabeth from The Natural Capital, Jennifer Gilliss (sorry Jenn, I don’t have a link for you!), Erin aka The Conscious Shopper, and the good folks at Kermode Kids for adding their voices. Thank you all for your lovely words, your dreams of a better childhood, and for being part of TGSG community!

Danny Dove and Her Nature Love by TGSG readers

I’ll tell you the story of Danny Dove—
And you know what I say is true.
She daily nurtured her nature love,
And each day her joy grew.

She played each morn, she played each night.
Friends would oft take part.
It only took mere moments
For the laughter to start…

Running and jumping, twirling and flying
The wind whispered “come play”
The trees offered branches, the sun its warmth,
Danny Dove would have a great day!

Into the woods with nothing in hand,
Running and leaping – in the creek she’d land.
Here comes a fish! And a butterfly!
She’s not gonna let this world pass her by.

She stopped to watch a bird take a bath,
And the butterflies dance in the air.
The deer and the chipmunks lifted their heads —
What was a kid doing there?

“I know my friends are all inside,”
Said Danny to them with a grin,
“But the great outdoors has so much more
Room for playing in!”

Now, I know it is Frolic Friday — so no excuses. Make like Danny Dove and go outside and play!

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: Karen Roe

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