Time to Pull the Plug?

“Young people today live media-saturated lives, spending an average of nearly 6.5 hours a day with media.”

- Keiser Family Foundation


According to the report quoted above, today’s youth are increasing the amount of time they spend with newer media (computers, internet, video games) without reducing the time they spend with traditional media, such as television. Like with many things in today’s society, more is more. But is it anything else?

It’s a truly remarkable statistic, if you think about it. And that’s exactly what I would like you to do. There is much more to say on this subject, but for now, I leave you to mull it over and to enjoy the whimsical, winding words of Shel Silverstein, and his commentary on TV.

Jimmy Jet And His TV Set by Shel Siverstein

I’ll tell you the story of Jimmy Jet–
And you know what I tell you is true.
He loved to watch his TV set
Almost as much as you.

He watched all day, he watched all night
Till he grew pale and lean,
From “The Early Show” to “The Late Show”
And all the shows in between.

He watched till his eyes were frozen wide,
And his bottom grew into his chair.
And his chin turned into a tuning dial,
And antennae grew out of his hair.

And his brains turned into TV tubes,
And his face to a TV screen.
And two knobs saying “vert.” and “horiz.”
Grew where his ears had been.

And he grew a plug that looked like a tail
So we plugged in little Jim.
And now instead of him watching TV
We all sit around and watch him.

See ya outside! ~ The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: S.C. Axman

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