In the Garden: A Reader’s Play Memory


Like flowers, children bloom in the garden.

TGSG Note: It’s no secret that I am nuts about gardening with kids, and think that no childhood is complete without digging in the dirt and watching something grow. Today’s post is by Alison Kerr, a TGSG reader whose blog, Loving Nature’s Garden, I enjoy very much. Alison was nice enough to stop by and share one of her play memories with us. (I love hearing about people’s play memories!) Happy reading. See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

When I think about it, all my early memories of playing outside involve garden play. Perhaps that doesn’t sound surprising, but the scene is the garden of my grandparents, a garden I had access to less than once a week, rather than the garden I had access to every day. Herein lies a secret to engaging children in the outdoors and in nature, garden play.

My own garden had a path consisting of a strip of concrete paving stones. My grandparents’ garden had a graveled path which crunched underfoot. My own garden had a strip of bare soil where alyssum and pansies struggled and failed to impress me. My grandparents’ garden had towering trees with berries, a hedgerow housing birds, nests, eggs and baby birds, crowded potatoes and carrots, and rhubarb to pick for pie-making. In my garden washing (laundry) hung out of reach. The sweet-smelling sheets and towels in my grandparents’ garden formed a maze, a castle, a perfect place for hide-and-seek.

By the time I was six years old I was more interested in the wonderful pretend play adventures invented by my older sister than in exploring everything in my grandparents’ garden. But by that time nature and gardening had already entered my soul. Every single day of my life I enjoy the antics of birds, marvel over little creepy crawly things, and rejoice over how seeds grow into plants which become food.

My love of the outdoors started in a garden. What about yours? Is there a garden in your life?

Guest Blogger Bio: Alison Kerr is a writer who is passionate about the Earth, nature, gardening, good food, and her family. You can read Alison’s work on Loving Nature’s Garden and follow her on Twitter @AlisonKerr.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ms.Tea

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