Mystery Critter #12

Jesper looking for seals

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you will quickly unplug today, and go enjoy lots of time outdoors. But, as it is our Saturday ritual here at TGSG, I have cooked up a little nut for you to crack. So, let’s get down to it, nature detectives — let’s play Mystery Critter!

Put on those thinking caps, and remember — no cheating!


  • I am roughly 30 inches tall;
  • My habitat is rivers, lakes, and marshes;
  • I am a fish eater;
  • I have 2-3 young per year; and
  • I am considered a wildlife “success” story.

What am I? Make your guess, and then go here for the answer and more interesting facts. Did you get it right?! If not, no worries — you’ll have another chance next week!

I hope you all get the chance to see this week’s Mystery Critter in action some day — it’s a true thrill. Read more about them and celebrate their successful re-population. Regardless, get out there and see what nature has waiting for you in your neck of the woods. Grab the kids and a pair of binoculars and get out there! There is so much wonder awaiting you.

Don’t forget to let folks know about what you see! Join the Wildobs community and report your wildlife observations. It’s a great way to keep track of your wild adventures and share info with others.

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: hagwall

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