Who’s in My Sandbox?

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you will not be surprised to see a post dedicated to the play and n873165719_28492#playoutdoors crowd. These are the folks that I look forward to reading each day to see what fun they are up to, what resources they have to share, and what bits of joy they are creating in the world. After all, whose world does not need more joy?  Rest assured, they are the folks you want in your sandbox. They know the value of play for kids and adults alike, and appreciate the outdoors and connecting with nature. Many of them have fantastic blogs that I hope you will read. I am never at a lack for inspiration in their company.

If you are not on Twitter but have been flirting with the idea, this is a great group of people to start with. They are real, fun, sweet, and dedicated to making sure that play remains a right of children everywhere. (Um, and we adults too.)

Some of the kids in TGSG‘s Sandbox:















This is not an exhaustive list — so if you focus on play and/or play outdoors, please add your Twitter name to the comments section. Big thanks also to all the parents, greenies, and educators that support our work and lend their voices to the play movement. Three cheers for play!

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

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