4 Picks From TGSG’s Bookshelf

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Summer is almost here. Kick up your feet and read!

Today I thought we would take a brief trip to my bookshelf and I could recommend a few titles that are more than worth your time. If you are interested in the topics we cover here at TGSG,  these are great titles to add to your reading list. I am a lover of books, so this is by no means an exhaustive list; just a few titles for your consideration.

4 Picks…

play by Dr. Stuart Brown: Through the study of the effects of play in both animals and children, Brown explores its impact on brain and social development, creativity, emotional well-being and more. For those looking for an excuse to feel less guilty about taking time out for play — you will find it here.

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink: The call for creativity and right-brained thinking is heralded in this fascinating book by Pink, as he examines the shift in the model for success in the future workforce and society. Play is one of the six skills he recommends for developing and cultivating as one of the keys to success.

The Blessing of a Skinned Knee by Dr. Wendy Mogul: Regardless of your spiritual background or belief system, this book offers great advice for parents and is a fascinating glimpse of cultural teachings. A former psychologist, Dr. Mogul writes with a caring and observant nature and a real warmth.

I Love Dirt! by Jennifer Ward: Offers fun activity ideas for helping get your kids off the sofa and out into nature. The title says it all! (Um, we all know that I think dirt rules!)

I wish you all happy reading! Find a hammock or a comfy lounge chair in a shady spot and enjoy yourselves.

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: Zanastardust

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