Mystery Critter #6


Whooooo am I?

OK, my favorite detectives — time to solve this week’s Mystery Critter. Are you a Sherlock or Watson — or a bit of both?

New to the site? Each Saturday here at TGSG, we play a little wildlife mystery game. Just a bit of fun to learn more about wildlife and help encourage people to get outside and see what nature they can find nearby. And I never make it too easy, because — well, where is the fun in that?! If you have kids, include them in the game, or make up one of your own. Kids love mysteries!

So, put on those thinking caps and let’s get to it.


  • I can be found in parks, woodlands, and gardens;
  • I make mouse-like noises;
  • I am about 3 1/2 inches in size;
  • I am one of a “family” of 16; and
  • I am always on the go!

What am I? Make your guess, and then go here for the answer and more interesting facts. Did you get it right?! If not, no worries — you’ll have another chance next week!

If you are lucky, you will see this week’s Mystery Critter, which never fails to delight. If not, there are bound to be plenty of critters just waiting for you to discover. And let folks know about it! Join the Wildobs community and report your wildlife observations.

Until next week, my nature detectives! Don’t forget to make time to unplug and #playoutdoors.

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: Zest-pk

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