Frolic Friday #8: Adult Recess Edition

Creative Commons License photo credit: jenny downing

A round of applause for the kids and kids at heart who have worked hard all week. (Insert clapping noise here. You in the back, feel free to wOOt!) Now, it’s time to get our play on! In honor of May Day, we are kicking it old school for Frolic Friday, and bringing back  blacktop and neighborhood games. (Yes, the ones you LOVED!) I have vivid memories of  May Day celebrations at school — cotton-candy colored ribbons dancing in the spring breeze, skipping around the Maypole and welcoming the beauty of the season with my friends. What a lovely tradition.

Today, let’s take back recess — not only for the kids of the world, but grown-ups, too! It’s time for adult recess, and it has nothing to do with Happy Hour — just good, old fashion fun. You would be shocked at how many of today’s kids do not know how to play old school childhood games. It’s time to reverse that trend.

Why not…

  • Play Hopscotch;
  • Get a game of Kickball, Kick the Can, or Hide & Seek going; or
  • Break out the frisbee and reclaim your childhood glory!

Seriously — could you have a better homework assignment than to go outside and play? Grab the kids in your world, friends, and family and have some old fashioned, unplugged fun. Would love to hear about the games you played in your neighborhood growing up! No matter what you do, make sure to take the time to get outside and play. Recharge those batteries and feast on fun!

Now, I’ll be the one dancing around the Maypole if you have any questions. Then, I’m off to Kick the Can!

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

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