Mystery Critter #2

Vision Thing

If you tuned-in last week, you know I have started a new Saturday post here at TGSG — the Mystery Critter. If not, it’s just a fun way to learn a bit about nature and encourage folks to get outside. So, let’s play nature detectives!


  • I have black markings;
  • I am roughly 3- 5 inches in size;
  • I can be found in gardens and parks;
  • I have 1 – 3 broods a year; and
  • I have a variety of stages in my lifecycle.

So, what am I? Make your guess, and then click here for the answer. Get the kids involved — kids LOVE a good mystery!

Now, go see if you can spot this week’s Mystery Critter or one of his cousins in your neighborhood. Have fun and let me know what wildlife you see near you!

See Ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mike Licht,

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