Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids

Family Hiking

TGSG Note: I am happy to have the fine folks at Play Outdoors guest blog this week. As BIG outdoor enthusiasts, they know a thing or two about fun in the sun and safety for the entire family! Now, get ready to hit the ground running with these tips to make your outdoor adventures as safe as they are fun!

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

Spring is the time for bike rides, hikes, camping, trips to the lake and all sorts of other fun outdoor activities! Experiencing nature is an important part of life. Both kids and adults should take the time to play outside, especially once the weather turns nice! It is both necessary and fun for families to enjoy the outdoors and participate in outdoor activities together.

This spring, plan to get outside with your kids as often as you can. Have a family picnic at the lake — grab a blanket, pack a picnic basket and spend the day splashing in the water and playing tag! Hiking in the woods is another fun family activity; sing a song or point out different animals and insects along the way. Bike riding around the neighborhood, to the local park or to and from school is always fun; be sure to wear helmets and look both ways before crossing the road!

Getting outside with the family is fun, but kids outdoor safety is an important factor not to be overlooked when planning an outdoor adventure.

Safety Tips For Playing Outdoors This Spring & Summer:

1. Be aware of the sun when outdoors by dressing your kids in a sun hat, sunglasses and always wear sunscreen!

2. Always have children wear life jackets or PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) when playing in or near any body of water.

3. Protect little heads when riding bikes! It is important for little ones (and parents, too!) to always wear a bike helmet. Whether it’s a ride around the block or a long mountain bike trip, don’t leave without wearing a protective helmet.


4. Stay hydrated! It is important to carry lots of water and healthy snacks when playing outside. No matter how long the adventure, pack a water bottle, hydration pack and sack full of nutritious, energy-filled goodies.

5. Put your best foot forward. Walking on the trail, running in the sand on a public beach or walking around the neighborhood park requires activity-appropriate footwear. Pack the sturdy walking shoes for trek in the woods. Water sandals are great for trips to the beach or pool!

6. Always carry a complete first aid kit. Keep a kit on hand with bandages, antiseptic, hand sanitizer, bug spray, and allergy medication (you never know when a little one will develop allergies!).

Big adventures always require a bit more planning, but don’t be daunted. With these quick tips, you are ready for your time in the sun.

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