Mystery Critter #1

Vision Thing
Welcome to the newest weekly feature at TGSG The Mystery Critter! Light and breezy — a little mystery to solve and hopefully pique your curiosity to get outside and see what you can discover in your neck of the woods.  I will give you a few clues, but nothing too obvious. What’s the fun in that? !

So, let’s see what kind of nature detectives we have out there! Are you a Nancy Drew or a Hardy Boy, or will you strike out? Let’s PLAY!


  • I can be found in nearby trees and grassland areas;
  • I am roughly 5 inches tall;
  • I am a seed eater;
  • I raise one brood per season;
  • It’s possible to attract me to your yard (and quite delightful to do so!); and
  • I am graceful, and appear to move in a different manner than many of my cohorts

So, what am I? Make your guess, and then check here for the answer. Get the kids in your world involved in our little game, or make up one of your own.

Did you get it right? Be honest! :-)

Now, I am off to see what I can find — what bit of nature is stirring in my neighborhood today. How about you?

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mike Licht,

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