Frolic Friday #6

Now that spring has sprung, I hope that Mother Nature will be alluring enough to get you and the kids in your world out there to play outdoors. But, because I believe in hedging my bets and am a big fan of reminder notes, I am going to continue to offer Frolic Friday suggestions anyway.

Wildflowers, 365

With the weekend upon us, the time has come to make some extra time in our days for fresh air, nature’s beauty, and engaging our minds, bodies, and spirits in the pursuit of some outdoor play time. Join me. Let’s get out there and earn this week’s grass stains!

Why not…

  • Go for a color hike! Go to a favorite park, trail, or even your yard and count the number of colors and spring shades that you find. If desired, take a nature journal and keep track or take pictures and make a spring color collage;
  • Plant some bright spring flowers in your yard or containers on a porch or balcony; or
  • Start a rock collection. You will be surprised at all the interesting shapes, colors, sizes, and textures out there just waiting to be discovered.

It does not matter what you do – just THAT you do. Play outdoors. And let TGSG community know what you are up to! Let’s share our grass-stained adventures.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some tadpoles waiting for me. Spring is always full of froggy fun!

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: adie reed

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