7 Signs Your Kid Needs to Play Outdoors

License plate: "XBX 360"

Across the globe there is a new breed of kid on the block — the illusive Indoor Child. Below are the tell-tale signs to look for. You might also recognize them roaming the streets, connected at all times to headphones or hand-held devices.

TGSG’s 7 Signs Your Kid Needs to Play Outdoors:

  1. Their only concept of Seasons comes from The Weather Channel;
  2. You refer to their bedroom as their habitat, and sightings of them beyond those walls are rare;
  3. They think catching a frog has to do with a video game;
  4. A perfectly-formed imprint of your child’s body has appeared in your sofa cushions;
  5. Their thumbs are in a permanently hooked shape for optimal texting position;
  6. They can name all 493 Pokemon cards but only two backyard bird species; and
  7. When you say, “Go play outside!”, they run for the The Windows “grassy knoll” desktop background!

Now, as beloved TGSG readers, I know the children in your world do not suffer from the above condition. But rest assured, this breed of Indoor Child is out there in droves, and they need our help. What can you do to help? Join the charge to get kids out the door and into nature! And while your at it, save yourselves!

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

Creative Commons License photo credit: LAYeiser

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photo by: Chris Devers