Frolic Friday #5

Photo by George Osner

Photo by George Osner

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know what time it is! If this is your first visit — welcome to Frolic Friday!! It’s the day of the week here at TGSG dedicated to sharing outdoor actitiy ideas and reminding ourselves that it is time to get serious about play!

We’ve all had more than enough stress, screen-time, commuting and the like to sufficiently deplete our batteries. Now, it’s time to recharge through fun, play, and time in nature. So, grab the kids in your world or a friend and get out there and earn this week’s grass stains! Bonus — many of you have a long weekend ahead, so take advantage of the extra time and plan something special to do outdoors.

Why not…

  • Pack a picnic and head to¬† a nearby park for some outdoor fun. Still cold outside? Go take a nice hike and then head home for some hot chocolate or cider;
  • Go on a frog finding mission! Spring is a great time to hear frogs in action! Where you live will impact what species and exact timing of activity near you, so check with your local nature center for info. For now, give Spring Peepers a listen;
  • Celebrate Easter? Try an old-fashion Easter egg roll or hunt. If not, why not do a simple nature scavenger hunt in your yard or nearby park instead? Make a quick list of 10 or so items (acorn, leaf, stick longer than 5 inches, white rock, etc.) and play detective. Kids and adults alike love a scavenger hunt!

Whatever you chose to do, just get outside and enjoy yourselves. As always, let me know what fun you are making in your communities! What could be a better homework assignment than to go outside and play?!

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

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