10 Can’t-Miss Childhood Moments

Into each childhood, thousands of moments of wonder should fall. Moments not fueled by expensive toys or electronic screens, but simple every-day treasures that can be found in backyards and communities world-wide. In these simple, authentic moments not only is joy to be found, but memories will be made. I offer you this list as a jumping off point, and there will be more to come. Join me! Let’s see what awe and wonder we can stir up — for kids and the kids at heart out there!

The Grass Stain Guru’s 10 Can’t Miss Childhood Moments:

  1. Toasting a marshmallow on a stick, anxiously awaiting the sweet goo that is to come. Learning to master the perfect toasty brown color — equal parts art and science, in my book.
  2. Wading in a creek – toes wriggling in the light current, knee-deep in fun. Looking under rocks for critters and sailing boats made of sticks.
  3. Climbing a tree! The world has never been as beautiful as it looks from a perch in a glorious (and sturdy!) tree.
  4. Catching fireflies on a warm summer night. Pure magic awaits! (Of course, be sure to let them go.)
  5. Building a fort. Somewhere special, just for the kids. No kit houses required — just some sticks, bushes, maybe a tarp — and a lot of imagination.
  6. Walking along the beach. Sand between the toes, chasing sand pipers and soaring like a gull. Building sand castles where they will be kings and queens. Collecting shells and sea glass. Salt-scented memories tucked away for later.
  7. Planting a garden – the wonder and joy that will bloom there is without equal.  No yard ? Look for a community garden near you or plant a container garden. Dirt = joy.
  8. Walking in the woods. Listening to the birds. Looking for signs of wildlife. Making bark rubbings or collecting rocks. “Getting lost” in the layers of the land — from canopy to leaf litter — and in the layers of their imaginations, as well.
  9. Sleeping out under the stars. A full camping trip or a simple night spent sleeping in the backyard. Stargazing. Telling stories — there is magic to be found under the stars on a warm night that can be found nowhere else.
  10. Whistling with a blade of grass. Trust me — hours can be spent learning and mastering this skill. Kids will love the honks and wheezes they make along the way. And, once mastered, major bragging rights are afoot!
Photo by J. Hanff

Photo by J. Hanff

Out of 10, how many of the items on this list do you remember from your own childhood? I bet quite a few! Take a moment and let those memories drift to the surface. Feel the warmth of them and relish that for a moment. Now, how many of these moments have the children in your world experienced so far? Enough? Could there ever be enough of these types of moments? Doubtful.

I hope that you will all take the time to re-capture the Can’t-Miss Childhood moments in your world. There are still marshmallows to be toasted and grass whistles to be mastered, my friends! Share these simple joys with the children in your world. After all, I don’t use the term “Can’t- Miss” lightly.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have am off to re-experience #11. What is it? Stick with me, and I will be sure to share.

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

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