I started this blog with a thought — a notion that has been itching at me for a few years now: Restoring childhood, and saving ourselves in the process. Now, that’s a tall order — I get that. But after writing for someone else for a few years, and using a much smaller framework on the issue, I felt really compelled to just go for it. To not simply talk about nature, or play, or education, or life balance — but to talk about it ALL — and then some!  And, as much as I want to focus on childhood, I can’t leave out the grown-up piece. In fact, it really has to start with the grown-ups for anything to change.

So, armed with my passion for the material and a woefully inadequate knowledge of HTML and content management, I launched TGSG about three weeks ago. What I wasn’t prepared for was how people would react to it. How they would just jump right in and keep the conversation going. How they would share their fears, dreams, joys, ideas, and frustrations. How they would teach me something new every day. I have been so touched and overwhelmed by this interaction, and I cannot thank the growing TGSG community enough.

Due to this level of response, I also believe that the subject has struck a nerve. That people recognize that childhood and adulthood alike are in trouble. That people are ready for a change — many are already living it every day. Seeking balance and joy. Connecting with nature, ourselves, and each other. Simplifying. Reinvesting in their communities. Reinventing themselves and their lives, and modeling what true success really is. Ready to be students of joy and laughter. Ready to earn both real and metaphorical grass stains.

I was also not prepared for how much writing about these issues on a daily basis would change me. Challenge me. Enrich me. It’s still a bit odd for me to use such a personal voice, but odd in the absolute best way. It feels really good, which also leads me to believe I am on the right (write!) path.

Someone recently asked me who the audience was for my blog. I thought for a minute, and responded, “Everybody.” Play, time outdoors, nature, education — all of it. It is not just for parents or educators. It’s for all of us. We should all want a better version of childhood and life. It’s really just that simple — and just that difficult. Because as we all know, wanting is not enough. We can’t simply want. We must do.

As always, I hope that you will make time in your day to unplug, go outside and play. It is there that I think we will all find a better version of ourselves to share with each other. I’ll be down along the river watching the ducks swim and kids learn how to fish if you care to join me. I promise, you are going to love it!

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

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