The Sound of Silence?

In the stillness of a gray and damp Sunday morning, I am contemplating quiet. Silence. Stillness. We’ve talked about silence briefly here before, and it has come up in some great comments from readers. I think it’s a topic really worth exploring.

Are kids today able to learn to appreciate silence, or to feel comfortable with it? Do they get ample chance to experience silence in a world filled with video games, computers, iPods, and ever-increasing television viewing?  As more and more children have cell phones and text or instant message, do they get enough time to NOT react to things, but simply reflect? And what are the true long-range implications of all of this? In this brave new world of ours, is silence at the top of the endangered species list?


Skyline Drive - Shenandoah National Park

I would love to know what you think, and I’m sure many could benefit from suggestions. How do you make room for silence and stillness in the lives of the children in your world? Do they have access to stimulation-free time? Do you see a value in this?

I know adults who are aggressively uncomfortable with silence. You can see their discomfort—it’s almost palpable. I wonder what it looks like when they are alone? What it feels like? I can’t imagine it feels good.

I also can’t imagine not being able to welcome silence — to not relish it and benefit from the peace it gives me. The time to recharge my batteries and simply be. I would be lost without it.

I look forward to your input. Now, speaking of silence, it is time for me to go seek some. I always find the outdoors to be a perfect place to be still. Silent. How about you?

See ya outside! – The Grass Stain Guru

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