Frolic Friday #3

Photo by The Squirrel Assistant

Photo by The Squirrel Assistant

That’s right, kids — it’s Frolic Friday! Time to shake off the work week stress and earn this week’s grass stains. Make sure you get yourself and the kids in your world outdoors for some much needed play time. Explore nature. Use your OUTSIDE voices. Giggle with glee. Show FUN that you mean business!!!

Why not…

- Take a bird hike! There is lots of bird activity this time of year;

- Check with your local nature center to see what programs they are offering; or

- Go fishing! It’s trout season here in my area, and there are lots of Family Fishing Derbies kicking off around the country. Get HOOKED! (And yes, I DID just say that!)

What else do you like to do outside?! Let me know — I love hearing from you all. Now, if you will excuse me, it’s time to go play!

See ya outside! Cheers- The Grass Stain Guru

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